Exclusive: Paul Golding Announces Britain First Will be “Re-Launching” in Under 3 Weeks

Britain First Co-Leader has announced in a full article on the Britain First Website, that he will be re-launching the Britain First movement in just under 3 weeks, without Jayda Fransen.

Britains First Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen were jailed earlier this year, after being found guilty of “anti-Muslim Hate Crimes”

Britain First also lost their Millions of followers after facebook pulled the plug on their page, followed by their personal profiles on Twitter. Leaving us to question how they could possibly re-grow the movement, and if social media platforms will even allow them to have accounts, with the Britain First name.

Here is what the Britain First Leader Paul Golding Published:

“In just under three weeks, I will be free of restrictive post-release licence conditions.

On the same day, deputy leader Jayda Fransen will be released from prison, but she will face many months of post-release licence conditions curtailing her ability to engage in political activism.

We intend to challenge these oppressive, disproportionate and unnecessary licence conditions in the High Court.

Nevertheless, as soon as Paul’s licence conditions end, Britain First will be re-launched with full force nationwide with relentless activities!

Britain First, a movement launched over 7 years ago, has proven its ferocious will to resist the establishment and not buckle under titanic pressure and persecution.

Our movement is providential and holy and will not rest until we have saved our country.

No manner of state persecution, obstruction and sabotage are going to dampen our willpower and dedication.

As Admiral Nelson said on the decks of HMS Victory, it is a choice between ‘Death or Westminster Abbey’.

Britain First and our leadership have not been affected by the recent imprisonments and closures of social media accounts.

It simply means we had the establishment running scared of our potential growth and success.

This is just the beginning.

In less than three weeks, Britain First and our millions of supporters will be back with a vengeance.


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