Army Officer in Uniform Spat at Whilst Walking Near Mosque Forced to Move Area’s

An Army officer who says he was spat at as he walked along his street in his uniform says he no longer feels safe where he lives.

The 25-year-old had returned from an Army exercise with his full kit on when he says he was spat at by a group of men in the Gordon Street area of west Hull.

The officer, who lives with his partner and child, says the situation has got so bad down the street he is now moving house.

The officer, who does not want to be named, said: “This happened about three or four months ago. I came home from an exercise so I had all my kit on.

“I was walking along the street and this group of men looked at me. One of them winked at me and then spat at me.

“I confronted them about it and told them they better not do it again.

“My line of work can be quite dangerous, but now it has got to the point where I don’t feel safe walking down my own street and I never thought I would say that about Hull.”

The man is now in the process of moving back to east Hull with his partner – who is pregnant – and their one-year-old child.

He said: “My child is only one so doesn’t know what is going on but this isn’t an area to bring kids up in.

“It’s got to the point where I don’t want my Mrs going out on her own either.

“She has told me how the men lure at her when she goes out, it’s just awful.”

The officer, who has served in Afghanistan and will embark on a trip to Cyprus next year, claims there have been three serious attacks, including a stabbing, in this area of west Hull since the end of last year.

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