Register For The EU Referendum By 12 Noon To Avoid Losing Your Vote | Read WHY?

2 weeks ago, we received an email from an ex-council employee who wishes to remain anonymous, regarding the upcoming referendum in which they would like to share some information.

“I worked for a large London Borough council during the 2010 election, in which I was part responsible for overseeing that people who had registered to vote on time, were properly registered, and that either postal voting cards were sent out to there addresses, or that polling cards were sent out telling them where there local polling station was”

“We suffered a major outage on our computers during the morning which had lasted most of the day, this was due to a large wave of people registering to vote last minute and overloading the system.  We began running over our shift time, and had to begin processing applications manually, and only had around 2 functioning computers between a small department of 40 people

“Rather than stay until the job was complete, the office manager decided that rather than break any type of workers regulations by forcing us to stay longer than an hour over shift, he would make us leave which caused around 3,000 local residents there opportunity to vote in the general election.  It never did make headlines, however we did receive many complaints afterwards, many which were then escalated to the ‘Local Government Ombudsman’.

“I would say to anyone that has not yet registered to vote, that they do so as early in the morning of the deadline as possible, so if councils do run into any issues, there is more time in the day to get it rectified, as the council bosses simply do not care!”

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