Only Hours Until Britain’s First Muslim Mayor Is Appointed | A Worrying Prospect

As Londoners began voting in the last poll of the season-long battle for the City of London, the pre-polls have found that the Labour lawyer Khan is ahead of the Tory environmentalist by a massive 43 percent to 32 per-cent on first preference of votes.

From the final run-off, based on a YouGov poll, Mr Khan is now headed for a victory that would get him the seat as Mayor of England’s capital city, and economic powerhouse of the western world, London. He will end up the first London Muslim mayor with a clear 57 to 43 margin if the polls are accurate, giving him power over Britain’s largest police force, and a £15 Billion annual budget.

Should we be worried? Khan is no stranger to stories being published on him being a terrorist sympathizer, and being linked directly to those involved in terrorist organizations, even multiple times sharing a platform with them. His speech writer also claimed that the Lee Rigby slaying did not occur, and was CGI special effects to demonize Muslims.

In multiple incidents between 2008-2012, Mr Khan has endorsed organisations that advocated violence against “disobedient women”, has been accused in Westminster of spreading anti-Semitism and homophobia, and even appeared as a guest at events that featured extremists and terrorists.

In 2008 he also spoke at an event, ran by a news station which is censored by OFCOM in the United Kingdom, due to its hard-line views on women, which include branding women who wear perfume “prostitutes”. During this event, a black flag of Jihad (ISIS) was flying high in the audience, all captured on film.

Some very strong points need to be considered, before appointing someone into such a superior position.

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