Junker ADMITS That EU Interferes Too Much In Our Lives

Former Prime Minister of Luxembourg Jean Claude Junker, now head of the EU, has said that “The EU has become too involved in too many domains, where member state countries…are better placed to take action”

This comes 2 months ahead of the British in-out referendum, and has left GBrexit.com asking ourselves, is this a ploy to make the UK think that there can be reform in Europe, after the EU having had some kind of revelation overnight?  Somehow, we think not.

Mr Juncker also went on to say that the EU will NOT relax its visa conditions for Turkey.

The “criteria (on visa liberalisation) will not be watered down in the case of Turkey”, he said, commenting on the EU’s controversial deal with Turkey aimed at tackling Europe’s migrant crisis.

The EU will grant Turks visa-free travel to the passport-free Schengen zone in June of this year, in return for Turkish efforts to stop boatloads of migrants crossing to the Greek islands.

The EU is also giving serious consideration to Turkey’s long-stalled negotiations to join the EU, which is considered by political analysts to as early as 2020.

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