Thousands of Brexiteers Will March for “British Independence Day” on June 23rd

June 23rd marks the anniversary of the historic 2016 vote, when a referendum on Britain’s membership to the EU was voted against.

Here is the HUGE list of 100+ groups & pages that will be attending, along with many of there members & followers.

Veterans Against Terrorism
The Jacob Rees Mogg Appreciation Group
Ukip Presenting Nigel Farage, Ukip and Brexit
Standing For Britain
Rolling Thunder
The List (BREXIT)
Freedom Fighter Uk
The Anti Terror Alliance

Guerrilla Media
Brexit Central Hub for all groups
Brexit And Trunp 2017
Boycott British Companies which support Religious animal Slaughter
Women Against Islam
Brexit Supporters UK
Brexit 4 Ever
Justice for NI Vets
The Last Day of Silence
Administrating Brexit
Last of the Northern Patriots
UKIP 2022 is our time
Chartist Movement / Fans of Make Britain Great Again
Brothers in Arms gurkhas
Action Against muslm rape gangsuk
FLA London Southeast
Act Britain
Freedom of religion Northern Ireland
Britons for brexit
Britain proud and fun politics
UKIP think tank
Official brexit peaceful but loud and proud rallies
We love our country vote leave
Front line politics
Front line Britain
The realist people movement
UK Independence Party
March for England
Brexit the people’s choice
No egos just action
All Nepalese’s in UK
Op banner the forgotten war
It’s time to drop egos
Middleton vote leave
Pegida European group
Support hard brexit 2018
The silent majority
Infidel army
The best of British (patriots)
People against immigration in the west
UKIP tv channel group
The reality report
RBD revelation be damned
Realist party
Proud brexiteers against political correctness’s last FLA Spurs
FLA millwall
True fla east Anglia
True fla
True fla Fulham
Mass immigration watch
Come back Nigel
UKIP the people forum
Against immigration to the west
Nigel Farage and brexit supporters
Supporters fighting for Brexit
Brexit Peaceful but loud and proud
Veterans for freedom uk
Military Brotherhood
British Media Forces
Goodbye Eu
Pro Great Britain
Warrior hq
Hear hear news
Leave Europe
Act Britain
war – want a rant
A fighter all the way
National English Unity
loyalist defence league
Save britain now
Engage political party
British national unity
Brexit supporters UK
Brexit now
Immigration issues in the UK
Mufassil Islam
UKIP tv channel
The rise of UKIP
Brexit news
English civil defence force
Brit girl
Son of st George
British patriotic alliance
Proactive patriots
Northeast frontline patriots
Patriot UK united
Patriot promotional page
Gays against sharia law UK
United British patriots

it is expected to draw a huge crowd, with a starting point so far estimated at 10,000+.

Here’s what one of the event listings said:

The UK Freedom March will be a celebration of the historic vote to leave the EU, on the 23rd June 2016 and a cry for freedom from the EU, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom from terror and freedom for all women.
All of these great freedoms are threatened by a political and media elite that treat us the forgotten people of the UK with total contempt, we are marching to make our voices heard and give a peaceful and legal outlet for a people who at boiling point, people who are crying out for change in our great country!
The march will take form of a carnival and end with speeches and a picnic! We will pass the houses of parliament and the locations of last years deadly terror attacks, we will be carrying thousands of union flags and have very high-profile speakers from the political and patriotic movements.
This will be a fantastic family friendly event for al who care about this great country so join us as we turn the town red white and blue on the 23rd June!


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