Terrorist Attack Injures 21 in Bus Bomb – Jerusalem, Israel

A Bomb Blast Has Shook The Heart Of Israel.

Police said that bomb experts found a charred device at the back of the bus, which looks to be what caused the explosion.

This is currently being treated as a terrorist incident; however nobody has yet claimed responsibility for the attack.  However, Palestinian militant terrorist group Hamas, has carried out previous waves of bus bombings in Israeli cities which strike the same resemblance throughout the early 2000’s.  They also praised yesterday’s horrific blast, by claiming it to be “a natural reaction to Israeli crimes”.

Most of the injured people were on the bus but other people were in a passing car. This car caught fire along with a secondary bus that was empty.

The head of the emergency department at Jerusalem’s Hadassah Medical Center told an Israeli Radio station that many of the injuries were caused by flying metal nuts and nails.

Israel has had an issue with many attacks on its soldiers and citizens, and over the past six months although it has decreased, 29 Israelis have been killed in a wave of stabbings, shootings or car-ramming attacks by Palestinians or Israeli Arabs

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