Migrants Will Be Forced to Learn German or Lose Benefits

Migrants entering Germany will need to to take German lessons to help integrate them into society, or face loss of financial benefits.  Proposing the question, if somebody loses there benefits and has no job, what alternative means will they consider to generate an income, criminal?

This comes as a package of new laws that were agreed on Thursday by Angela Merkel’s Gov.

Germany has a massive issue with integrating migrants, this challenge comes about after more than 1.1 million migrants arrived under the Merkel open-door “refugee” policy.

hundreds of thousands of these migrants are expected to be allowed to remain in Germany on a permanent basis. Mrs Merkel said these new laws are “an opportunity for all, but also a duty for all”.

“We will have a German national law on integration. This is the first time this has happened in post-war Germany,” Mrs Merkel told a press conference in Berlin. “We will take a series of measures which make it clear it is a duty to integrate.” – Angela Merkel

The German Gov plans to create 100,000 new jobs using taxpayers funds, causing outrage among some that the money would be better spent on Germany’s own citizens.  Most of these newly created jobs are expected to be very low paid, again topped up by taxpayer benefits.

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