Suspected Islamic Terrorist Stabs to Death One & Critically Injures 7 More in Germany This Morning

– Update – 15:00pm (GMT+1) Reports are coming in to suggest that this is a German National who has psychiatric problems, and is not linked to a terrorist organisation.


09:08 AM (London GMT+1)

A Suspected Crazed Islamic Terrorist Stabs to Death Person and Critically Injures up to 7 Other’s in Munich, Germany This Morning.

This comes after Germany let in over 1.1 MILLION migrants in 2015.  The Killer screamed “Allahu Akbar” as he stabbed to death one person and injured six or seven other passengers at a train station in Grafing near Munich.  Conflicting reports mean it is not yet known if he is a “home grown terrorist” or one of Merkel’s new arrivals.  Other reports also suggest it could be a man with psychiatric issue’s,  However we do know the Mayoress has released a statement stating it was a German National aged 27.

Demonstrations have been held across Germany over the past year in defiance against Angela Merkel’s immigration policy, and if this is proven to be a terrorist incident, it will ignite further debate about the risks the current German government are putting upon their own citizens.

German police are stating that witnesses claim the knife-wielding man loudly shouted “Allahu Akbar” (“God is great”) during the brutal attacks at the train station in the town of Grafing, Munich.

One victim was initially in a critical condition, but then later died in hospital following the attack at 5am (4am GMT), according to reports.  Most people were likely on the morning commute to work.

Police are saying that three of victims have suffered life-threatening injuries.

The attacker has been captured by police at the station where the incident occurred.  National media outlets are claiming the attack to be “political” rather than religiously motivated.

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