Donald Trump Storms Ahead in New York Primary

Donald Trump won an eye watering 60 per cent of the votes in his home state of New York, with the only closest rival being John Kasich picking up a mere 25.2 per cent.

The victors pushed the outspoken multi billionaire businessman even closer to capturing the 1,237 delegates needed to win his party’s nomination for the republicans.

Entering the New York contest with 756 delegates, while Cruz had only 559 and Kasich had 144.

Trump told excited supporters at the victory party in Manhattan: “We don’t have much of a race any more based on what I’m seeing on television.

“I have to say to the people that know me the best, the people of New York, when they give us this kind of a vote it’s just incredible.”

He also repeated his criticism of a “crooked” system that has allowed Texan senator Ted Cruz to claim delegates in recent states.

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