Breaking: Tommy & His Family Launch Legal Appeal To Get Him Released from Prison

It has been announced that Tommy and his family will be switching lawyers, and chasing a fresh legal appeal for the the release of Tommy from Prison as soon as possible.

The appeal will be applied by ‘Carson Kaye Solicitors’ who are a well known, “top law firm” and the family hold hopes that Tommy’s appeal will be granted, although it is not fully evident as of yet, exactly what angle they will be fighting the case from.

The owner of Rebel Media where Tommy was previously a journalist stated:

“I have directed the British law firm that was used last year for Tommy, to give Tommy’s new lawyers any assistance they require, including all of Tommy’s files.

“With the approval of the family, I have undertaken to cover all of these fees of his new legal team. Tommy’s family has asked me to email this news to all of our rebel supporters to invite people to contribute to his defence fund.”

Hopefully we will soon see Tommy out of Jail, and back home with his family where he belongs.

Please donate here if you are able.

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