Tommy Moved to PUNISHMENT CELL for Own Safety in High Population Muslim Prison

Tommy Robinson has been moved to the Punishment Block within HMP Onley, which has one of the highest Muslim Inmate Populations in the country. it is also ranked as one of the most unsafe in terms of violence commit by inmates, on other inmates.

“A dramatic rise in violence at a prison in Warwickshire has left it no longer safe for inmates, the chief inspector of prisons has said.

A scathing report into the conditions at HMP Onley found there had been a significant decline in standards over the past four years, including a tripling of assaults behind bars.

The number of prisoners self-harming had also increased significantly, inspectors said, while a shortage in prison officers left inmates being let out of their cells for as little as three hours a day.

Staff told inspectors the rural prison had faced significant challenges after previous government reforms¬†introducing so-called resettlement prisons¬†had forced it to take inmates from London, bringing with it the city’s gang-related violence.

Tommy Robinsons Page Earlier Published This Statement:

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