Breaking News: Tommy Robinson Moved to 71% Muslim Prison in Leicester

Tommy Robinson has been moved today from HMP Hull, To HMP Leicester, which for many years has been a hot bed to radical extremist Muslims who control some wings of the jail as sharia law areas. HMP Leicester has a predominantly Muslim population, with as many as 71% of all inmates identifying themselves as Muslim.

In 2017, reports indicated that non-Muslim inmates felt incredibly threatened into becoming Muslim through fear of violent retribution.

Under prison rules, Tommy will not be able to be placed into solitary confinement of his own will, unless he has broken severe prison rules, for example attacking another inmate, so will be forced to either cause extreme disruption within the jail to have him sent to solitary confinement where he is safe (albeit temporarily) or risk remaining in general population where he could be severely injured by Muslim inmates, or even killed.

It comes as no surprise that the powers from above have reacted strongly to Saturdays protest in Whitehall, London, where up to 30,000 protesters came out in support of Freeing Tommy Robinson from prison, on the grounds of him maintaining his right to Free Speech, and being sentenced as a political prisoner.

Tommy may not survive his full sentence in this Prison, which is why our corrupt government have placed him there yesterday!

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