Breaking News: Celebrating Swedish World Cup Fans Gunned Down With Machine Gun

Gunfire has left four people with injuries in hotbed Islamic No Go Zone, Malmo, Sweden earlier.  One local resident described what he believed to be “”15-20 shots from a fully automatic weapon”.

sweden ambulance


The shooting has happened in Malmo at around 9pm local time, at a main shopping area within the district.  Initial reports say that the shots were fired at people who were celebrating Swedens World Cup Victory, outside a local internet cafe’.

What We Currently Know:

The Gunman is Currently on the Loose

Several People Were Shot

3 People Have Died

Armed officers are guarding the crime scene.

Police are searching for a black car which sped away from the scene

Police do not believe the incident is terror related

Malmo, is a majority Muslim Area, and a reported “no go zone”

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