Watch: Spain Accepts 630 African Migrants Who Were Turned Away By Italy & Malta

Over 600 African Migrants who were refused to port in Italy and Malta, have been admitted by Spain after sailing at sea for one week to find somewhere that would let them dock.

  • The Aquarius got stuck off the coast of Sicily last Saturday when Italy refused it permission to dock 
  • Italian authorities demanded Malta take responsibility but they refused so it was directed towards Valencia
  • NGO-run ship and two others carrying 123 unaccompanied minors, 11 children and seven pregnant women 

Italy has stuck to it’s promise of refusing migrant boats which attempt to enter its ports seeking asylum, as they refused a boat of over 600 African migrants who attempted to port at one of their docks. Subsequently the migrant boat was left stranded at sea, desperate to find an alternative European country that would accommodate them. Initially Italian authorities requested that Malta take the migrant boat, to which the Maltese Government refused.

Subsequently, Spanish authorities have now agreed to take the boat, meaning that Spain is now likely to be a hot target for the majority of future migrant boat dockings.

Migrants will soon realize that Italy & Malta are not easy targets in comparison to Spanish Socialist Governement.  Spain will now be in for a rude awakening at this decision.

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