Largest EVER Political Bet By Woman is Lost on Remain Result in EU Referendum!

The largest ever political bet made by a woman has been lost, when it was announced Britain had voted to leave the EU.

The mystery voter had placed a whopping £100,000 on an outcome of ‘Remain’

It said on Thursday the woman who lives in London placed the bet at odds of 2/5, which would have returned a nice £40,000 profit.  Another female Londoner however was a bit luckier, and got a return of £27,500 profit, on a £10,000 stake, and it was her first ever bet!

Ladbrokes released a statement, about how they had got the favourite wrong:

“We do it to turn a profit (or at least not lose too much) and in that respect, this vote worked out very well for us.”

“The majority of players in the market were actually backing Leave,” it added, “but that doesn’t matter to the prices. All that counts is the amount of money. One £10,000 bet counts the same as 10,000 £1 bets. In an event like this, where the bettors were also participants (in that most of them were also voters), should we have taken account of that? We didn’t think so, but perhaps we were wrong.”

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