What Did Labours Diane Abbott Claim She Was Ashamed to Be?…

MP Diane Abbott is said to have claimed she was “ashamed to be British” after MPs called for child migrant age checks.

The Shadow Home Secretary is said to have claimed refugees from the Calais Jungle camp were treated “like cattle”.

Meanwhile the evacuation of the camp continued last night.

But after reports of her speech appeared, she said in a statement yesterday: “Let me be clear, I am proud to be British and I am proud of our tradition of providing sanctuary to refugees.

“But I am ashamed of politicians who have called for child refugees to have their teeth inspected, as if they were livestock.”

The row triggered outrage, with Tory MP Philip Davies saying: “Diane Abbott is the one who has shown how out of touch her and the Labour party are with public opinion.

“She should be ashamed that Britain has been taken for a ride and treated like mugs. Our generosity is being abused.”

– At Gbrexit we are pretty sure their are many other things Diane should be ashamed of other than being British.

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