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I swear, I’m going to stick a rusty fishhook into the eye of the next Remain degenerate who tells me that the EU  must be a democratic institution, since it is comprised of democratic nations; it’s just a new, more sophisticated, kind of democracy, they say, and the unsophisticated UK needs to shut up and get used to it for the “greater good” of the “community”.

They are wrong in so many ways.

For a start, our prisons are filled with people from democratic nations, but does that make those prisons democratic institutions?

Of course not. (You might as well fill a Renault with frogs and call it a pond.)

Further, the “prisoner” metaphor is apt in describing the UK’s relationship with the EU, since the EU is a prison, but of kidnapped nations, not of convicted criminals. This kind of prison even has a name: Völkerkerker.

Secondly, the modern UK hasn’t expressed any interest at all in trading-in its ever-improving 800-year-old model of democracy, apart from doing a little window shopping with the failed AV referendum.

Indeed, there would be no ignoring the ruckus if we had decided to change our model of democracy. Just ask King John, Wat Tyler, and Oliver Cromwell. (We are a noisy people when we’re seriously pissed off at our government.)

So, why are we buying the lie that suddenly, out of the blue, we have an urgent but unexpressed desire to trade-in our world’s-best system of democracy, law and culture for a sordid Zimbabwean or North Korean model, in which we are permitted to cast meaningless votes for impotent MEP “representatives”, so long as we don’t interfere with the actual running of our country and the prison it is in?

The terms of this new EU-style “democracy”, are, like all dodgy contracts, necessarily convoluted and opaque; they read like a set of IKEA instructions:

Insert secret drafting of new EU Law into corporate slot A, Fold special interest kickbacks and Commissioner backhanders into slot B, Attach the sections marked “Parliament” and “Council” to Parts A and B, cover the entire unit with the black cloth provided, Attach the label marked “Democracy” to the front of the unit, and leave in a conspicuous place.

I like our “old”, more direct, version of democracy a lot better:

We’ll vote for you to make our laws, but, if you don’t do what we tell you to do, we’ll kick you out and vote in someone else who will.

The sad — and shameful — fact is that we all know in our hearts that the UK is now an EU inmate nation, rather than a liberated, free-trading, free-thinking oasis of “human rights” and “social justice” that the EU tells us we are.

We all know in our hearts that our government and its EU handlers have been selling us one pig in a poke after another since we were conned into accepting EC/EU membership and agreeing to be slowly “ratcheted” into neutering and relegating our Parliament to become a mere foil to the EU Commission.

We all know in our hearts that one of those pigs-in-a-poke is the lie that anyone in the UK in recent times, apart from a handful of self-serving and globalizing political serpents and rejects, has ever called for the UK to adopt the EU’s new, “post-democratic“, deliberately disenfranchising model of “democracy”.

And we all know in our hearts that this new EU “democracy” is a cheap knock-off of the real democracy that was handed down to us. Just as we all know that we are insulting our kids when we try to  hand it down to them as the real deal, along with a heathy dollop of Cameron-esque snake oil shtick about avoiding World War III, averting national oblivion, and doing our duty to promote the common good.

And yet, if the polls are to be believed, half the country is about to ignore what they know in their hearts to be true and to cede real democracy to EU fascists in return for useless shiny beads, because they are either too lazy or too scared to challenge a “Big Lie” that Goebbels himself would have been proud to have told. Come think of it, it’s the same Big Lie that Goebbels did tell.

Instead, Remainers bleat, divert, wheedle and equivocate, mouthing the merits of the new EU “democracy” that nobody asked for, nobody understands, and nobody really wants, while they sit obediently on the edge of their bunks, lights-out, for what is, for them, the reassuring sound of a jailer’s key turning in the dark.

By Les K (AKA The Intervener)

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