Leading Universities in the UK Are Openly Telling Students to Vote to Remain in The EU.

Leading institutions such as Warwick, Oxford and Exeter have been sending emails directly to students or hosting lectures that only promote arguments for the UK remaining within the European Union – This comes after Boris Johnson was also “no-platformed” by King’s College, London, for his comments on Obama’s EU speech.

Charity Commission guidelines state universities should be politically neutral ahead of the in/out referendum in June.

These guidelines state that institutions are only allowed to enter into a debate in “exceptional circumstances”, but even so, they should not indicate whether or not they support yes or no.

One of the main universities currently under fire is Wolverhampton, who have been said to have emailed thousands of students with pro-EU leaflets, in a ‘shamelessly manipulative’ display of forcing propaganda onto its students.

In the letter sent out to students, Prof Layer said: “Our University community is made of up of students and staff representing more than 100 nations.

“The University has made a stand in the EU referendum and as a university we believe it is better for all of us to remain.

“The EU has been very supportive of the University and its role. In this century we have received nearly £70 million of project and initiative funding from Europe.”

Tory MP Mr Cash, the Parliamentary chairman for the Leave EU campaign in the West Midlands and Staffordshire, said: “The University is wrong to force propaganda down the throats of its students.

“The university talks about the money it has received, without noting that it is our money that has been laundered back through the EU framework.

“Students should remember that youth unemployment in the EU is as high as 60 per cent in some countries. Their futures depend on them making their own decisions and not being misled by the university.”

UKIP MEP Mrs Seymour said: “This is yet another example of an organisation with a vested financial interest in Europe making a shamelessly manipulative attempt to sway the referendum.

“For the university to imply that its excellent cross-border research work would cease if we vote to leave the European Union is scaremongering nonsense, without a shred of evidence to back it up.

“The UK has long had a reputation as one of the best countries in the world to study, and there is no reason at all why we would not continue to welcome students from different nationalities and backgrounds when we were outside the European Union.”

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