UK Pay £650 MILLION in Fines to The EU for “Misspending” Our Own Money!

The British Parliament watchdog have identified a minimum of £650m in penalties, also known as dis-allowance payments, over the last decade caused by errors in how government bodies in the UK chose to spend European Union (EU) funds, which are really our funds, as we pay the EU £18 Billion per year, and get less than 50% back!

(PAC) The Public Accounts Committee reports set out the errors made by the Dept for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in allocating the EU Funding. It found:

“In the last decade the Britain has incurred at least £650m in fines from the EU Commission as a result of weakness in how it is spent in the UK.

Between 2005 and June 2015, the UK incurred fines totalling £642 million for England, and £8 Million for the rest of the UK.

The Remain Campaign has claimed the report shows just how much money the UK receives from the EU for small businesses, farms and universities,

However, The Leave Campaign say the findings show an EU funding “racket” which sees the £350 million sent to Brussels every single week, is governed by very strict rules and conditions which do not match UK priorities in where the money needs to be spent in the country, and is subject to huge fines if the EU believe it is misapplied.

For every year we send £18-Billion to the EU, we get around 45% back.  With this money we get back, we then get huge fines on it.  The 45% of the money we get back is then spent on huge costs to the NHS for migrant’s medical care, and a large number of foreign children in our schools, and criminals in our jails.

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