Turkish President’s New Threat to Europe Of ‘Unleashing A Mass Migrant Invasion’


The row between the EU and Turkey has escalated again, as President Erdogan has threatened to rip up the agreement in taking back migrants.

Turkey were meant to receive EU Visa Free Travel to Schengen European countries by the end of June this year, based on them meeting 72 EU agreements, which they have failed to do so far.  This has led to a stall in the process of 80 MILLION Turkish citizens being able to travel to the EU without any type of permit, infuriating the Turkish leader.

The Turkish President is now threatening to unleash a tidal wave of migrants on Europe, unless the EU overlook the fact they have not stuck to their side of the agreement that was made, in a clear attempt at blackmailing Brussels.

EU President Juncker today said “We do expect Turkey will stick to its commitments, and threats are not the best diplomatic instrument you can use, so one should stop to use them, because they will produce no effect whatsoever.”

Erdogan knows the ball is in his court, as he has the ability to diminish all border controls and create an unprecedented influx of migrants entering Europe overnight.  One of the Turkish President’s most recent quotes is:  “I can open the doors to Greece & Bulgaria anytime, and put the migrants on buses” It is yet to be seen if Erdogan will make good of his threat.

Only by leaving the EU will we regain confidence that we cannot be blackmailed or threatened with the stability of our country.

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