BREAKING NEWS: Trump is Flying to Britain RIGHT NOW & Will Congratulate Brexit Result

Donald Trump is flying in to Scotland this morning to congratulate the British Public on voting to leave the European Union.

Trump has been a supporter of Britain becoming an independent nation, unlike Obama who recently said to the UK that we would be at the “back of the queue” should the British public choose to leave the EU.

Trump recently stated  “I don’t think anybody should listen to me because I haven’t really focused on it very much, but my inclination would be to get out,” Mr Trump said last week, ahead of the visit.

“Go it alone. It’s a mess, When you look at what’s happened with the, as an example, the migration — when you look at the things that are going on over there, my inclination would be go it alone and go back to where you came from. … That’s just my feeling.”

He is visiting predominantly to visit his golf course, but is expected to offer his congratulations to the British public on voting out.

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