12 Suspected Terrorists Arrested for Planned Attack During Ireland v Belgium Game Today

Police have arrested 12 people as they uncover terror plot to launch an attack during the Ireland V Belgium match at Euro 2016 today.

Police in Brussels have made arrests of 12 people, and carried out raids on many other homes, in an attempt to stop an attack during the Belgium V Ireland game today.

The game is set to kickoff at 14:00pm and it is Brussels that was the target, with terrorists plotting to slaughter fans who were watching the games on the big TV’s.

Farouk Özgünes, who reports for Flemish public broadcasters VTM has said: ‘The suspects were planning to carry out attacks while the Red Devils were playing a match at the European Championships this weekend. Perhaps they were planning to commit another attack today in Brussels.’

Police raided the homes in 16 different local area’s of Brussels, with a total of 40 people brought in for interrogation, and 12 of those arrested.  The prosecutor’s office stated that immediate intervention was needed in this case to prevent deaths.

Europe is currently on very high alert as the Euro’s are under way in France.


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