EU President Martin Schulz Says Scotland MUST Leave the EU Along with the UK

During a recent meeting between Scottish UKIP MEP David Coburn and European Parliament President Schulz, the EU President stated that Scotland will have to leave the European Union along with the rest of the UK, once Article 50 is triggered, and the 2 year leaving process begins.

The outcome of this will likely put an end to any halfway compromise which had been suggested by SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon.

During this meeting, it is also noted that the President Martin Sculz had only met with Nicola Sturgeon, out of “one of his duties” of meeting other heads of Government. He confirmed that if Scotland wish to be members of the European Union in future, that they must do so by becoming an independent nation, and reapplying for membership. In which case Scotland would need to adopt the Euro as per the rules of any new country now becoming EU members. Scotland would also need to become part of the Schengen ‘Visa Free Travel’ zone.

Nicola Sturgeon had suggested a Veto on the result to destroy any chances of Brexit for the entire UK, but this would only be able to happen had the EU accepted Sturgeon’s suggestion of the rest of the UK leaving whilst allowing Scotland to remain.

Mr Coburn said in a statement: “President Schulz is no more interested in ‘Balkanising’ the UK than Great Britain is in ‘Balkanising’ the EU – especially Spain and the Baltic States.”

He said: “Scotland voted to Remain in the EU voting as the United Kingdom. We knew there would be a pan UK vote on Europe when we voted No in the [2014 independence] referendum. 

“More Scots voted to Remain in the UK than voted to Remain in the EU and uncomfortably for the First Minister a third of SNP members voted to Leave the EU.”

He added: “She has no mandate for a second independence referendum and the SNP would undoubtedly lose.”

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