Say Bye-Bye to Menthols and 10 Packs of Cigarettes in Latest EU Law to Affect The UK

New rules set to hit EU countries including Britain from May 20 will take effect when stockpiles of existing cartons across the country have been cleared over the next year.

The changes will also affect E-cigarette’s which will also be now required to display multiple health warnings and also to limit their nicotine levels to a maximum of 20 grams and severely restrict their advertising and sponsorship options.

Every advertisement for e-cigs or refills on radio, TV, websites, magazines and newspapers will also be banned.

The Banning on menthol cigarettes will begin from 2020, whilst the packs of 10 cigarettes will be prohibited from May 20th 2016.  The reason which has been given is it apparently makes smoking more enticing to younger people.

These rafts of new laws on ‘freedom of choice’ are not the first to hit headlines; the UK has been affected by many new laws approved by EU bureaucrats which include;

Halogen Light Bulbs, Vacuum Cleaner Power Output, Straightness of Banana’s & Many More!

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