Romanian ATM Gangs Soaring Across The Country in 2016 | No Sign of Slowing Down

Predominately Romanian and Eastern European gangs are committing a massively disproportionate amount of ATM thefts and fraud, compared to the numbers they make up in the population. Of all recorded crimes relating to ATM’s, 92% of those who have been arrested are Romanian nationals, with most of the rest being other EU Nationals, even though there are only 170,000 Romanians in the country (0.25% of the total UK population)

Let that sink in for a moment, one nationality of non-British migrants who represent 0.25% of the population, make up 92% of an entire crime industry.

The initial reports were originally leaked from DCI Paul Barnard, then head of the Dedicated Cheque and Plastic Crime Unit (DCPCU) – a police unit run in partnership with banks and financial services companies. DCI Barnard told ITV1’s ‘Fraud Squad’ programme that:

“The fact is 92 per cent of all ATM fraud we see in this country is committed by Romanian nationals.”

Fraud at cash machines across the country has rose by a fifth to £32.7million within the last year, according to Financial Fraud Action UK.

Whilst still in the EU, it is not permitted for the British Government to deport EU nationals who commit any type of crime, whether this be theft, assaults, or even murder. Most ATM crimes are punished with community service for first time offences, and low level prison sentences if any further offences are committed, this is the reason we see a massive flow in non-British migrants, in a type of revolving door in and out of the prison system, with each offender costing approximately £80,000 per year to keep incarcerated.

Only by invoking Article 50, and being in control of our own borders and deportation systems, will we be able to curb these numbers.

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