Poland Want to Leave The EU Because of Migrants Entering Country

Poland has abandoned its promise to take the 7,000 refugees it agreed to accept under a disputed quota system drawn up by EU ministers last September.  The country’s deputy foreign minister Konrad Szymanski said the move to distribute 120,000 migrants across Europe was now “dead”.

Mr Szymanski said: “I don’t see a possibility to implement this decision and I can’t see it happening also in most EU countries.

“The migrant crisis could truly threaten the existence of the European Union”

‘Slovenian prime minster Miro Cerar’

“This decision is dead. It was not being implemented from the very beginning and nothing points to the fact that the majority of EU countries would implement it.”Germany and France had united against the politically weaker East European states to push through the quota plan, which forced countries to accept thousands of mainly Syrian and Iraqi migrants.EU interior ministers voted to overrule Hungarian, Romanian, Czech and Slovakian opposition.
After the controversial vote, Slovenia’s prime minster Miro Cerar said: “The migrant crisis could truly threaten the existence of the European Union.”Hungary later issued a legal challenge to the decision, branding it an attack on national sovereignty. Poland had reluctantly accepted its quota and the new conservative government initially agreed to respect its predecessor’s decision, despite criticising the plan.But after Islamist militants killed 130 people in Paris last November, Szymanski said Warsaw could not take its quota of migrants without security guarantees.
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