Has Being in the EU Brought Peace To Britain?

The claim that the EU has given us peace is false for the following reasons:

1, The Second World War ended in 1945. In 1957 six countries signed the Treaty of Rome, there are now twenty eight countries in the EU. There are about 50 countries in Europe, yet the EU claims credit for ALL the peace enjoyed by ALL of Europe since 1945! So they are claiming credit for events that began beyond their boarders, before the EU existed, to which they have made no contribution.

2, What about the ethnic cleansing in the former Yugoslavia which the EU simply allowed to happen? Or the mass murders in Paris and Brussels? Do those deaths somehow not count?

3, If we refer to Stephen Pinker’s book ‘The Better Angels of our Nature – Why Violence Has Declined’ we see that the decline of war between nation states is common to the whole world and not exclusive to Europe. If the rest of humanity was up in arms but not the EU then I would concede defeat on this point, but that isn’t the case.

4, The EU seeks to form a political union that does away with nation states because it conflates union with peace and nation states with war, but in the modern world conflict is not about nation states anymore, it is about religion. If we look at a map of the world all the countries between Nigeria and China are involved in military conflicts. Every one of those conflicts is about religion. If we were to take the religious wars out of the equation the human race would more or less be at peace. There are a couple of exceptions like Ukraine but generally, very few people kill or die for national identity anymore, just religious ideology. So when the EU claims it has achieved peace we must ask ‘peace from what?‘ From the old types of wars between nation states that no longer happen anyway.

The horrible truth is that Europe is at war now and the real fascists is winning – a genuinely extreme right-wing ideology that is homophobic, patriarchal, creationist, militaristic, monocultural and authoritarian is advancing, yet even as increasing numbers of women, artists, journalists and intellectuals are bullied into acquiescence the EU manically repeats it’s claim that it has given us peace. They make a desert and call it peace.

5, “Europe brings peace. Is that so? It is becoming obvious you cannot have the economics of the Great Depression without having the politics of the Great Depression” Nick Cohen, the Spectator 2015.

The original raison d’etre of the EU was to stop the largest country dominating the continent but that is exactly what has come to pass. Germany is a manufacturer and exporter so it favors a weak currency (strong currencies favor importers, weak currencies favor exporters) consequently the euro crisis has limped along year after year, not by accident but by design. For as long as the rest of the Eurozone bleeds jobs and prosperity the Euro is weakened and German exports boom.



Democratically elected leaders in Italy and Greece have been removed from office and replaced with technocrats approved by Berlin. In Portugal, Spain, Greece and Italy a generation of young people have been thrown on the scrap heap, and because their governments have no power over monetary policy their only choice is to either take dead end jobs or emigrate from the debt colonies to the creditor states. Obviously this is presented as rational economic housekeeping, but it is nothing of the sort, it is the raw naked transfer of wealth from the weak to the strong, just like every other European empire of the past. I accept that this domination had not been achieved through guns and bombs; but my detractors must also accept it is domination nonetheless. The Eurozone is not organized for the benefit of the union generally, but it’s biggest member specifically. Today that country is Germany, soon it will be Turkey.

6, The body which actually kept the peace after 1945 is NATO. It is the most successful peace keeping force in modern history, but the EU is determined to break it up and replace it with a European army.

Obama was was right, we are free loaders [in NATO] and this has got to stop, and I personally believe it will only stop when we call European Defence for what it is, a sham, a fraud and a very serious danger to this country”  Lord Owen, former Labour Foreign Secretary and founder member of the SDP.

7, Sure the EU would like to have its own armed forces it could watch parade around on special occasions, but what would they actually do with them? We know from experience that the EU would never unilaterally send its troops into Yugoslavia to keep the peace, so it is inconceivable that the EU would ever send troops into Libya, Syria, Ukraine or Northern Iraq – anywhere in fact they may actually be needed.

China is the World’s biggest polluter and executes more people than all the rest of the world put together, where is the EU criticism? Russia is a corrupt authoritarian plutocracy, where is the EU criticism? Saudi Arabia is an apartheid state and a women’s prison, where is the EU criticism? Egypt is a militarized monoculture, where is the EU criticism? I’m not saying we should start wars with these countries, but I am saying that the EU doesn’t speak out. Sure they are super tough when it comes to bullying small member states like Greece or Portugal but when it comes to monstrous human rights violations around the world, their position seems to be one of cowardliness masquerading as non-aggression.

So if peace is your prime consideration in this referendum then you have a choice: either vote for Britain to be an independent state within NATO whose track record (some good, some bad) is on the internet for everyone to check, or trust the EU to keep you safe with their proposed Common Defense Policy. Up to you…Your choice…

By Sebastian Handley.

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