Obama Backtracks On Previous Statement of UK/US Trade Deal Should Britain Leave the EU

Obama’s warnings of Brexit were being scrutinized over the last couple of days, as shortly after his speech when questioned by out campaigners, he revealed that the USA would most definitely do a trade deal with Britain – and that both our defence and intelligence special relationships over the years would remain completely unchanged.

Downing Street and the Remain campaign were delighted on Friday night when the US president said the UK would be at the ‘back of the queue’ if it voted to quit the Brussels club.

His remarks went much further than expected – and triggered claims, later denied, that he had been reading from a Downing Street script. But the Out campaign seized on an apparent clarification from Mr Obama, who said that he had simply meant an independent Britain would not be able to do a trade deal as fast as the EU.

In short, it could be perceived as ridiculous to claim that it would take 10 years to negotiate a trade deal with the United States, and that now the spotlight is off Obama’s visit, the UK Gov know that damage caused by the speech may have already been done, so any clarification that comes after, will not cause nearly as many shock-waves throughout the media.

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