Farage Branded Hateful for “Not One Bullet Was Fired” Speech | We Clear Up What He Meant

Nigel Farage has been Branded as Hateful & Inconsiderate for his “Not One Bullet Was Fired” Victory Speech.

Nigel Farage’s victory speech just before the final outcome of the referendum is being branded as hateful and inconsiderate by certain media outlets and the remain voting general public, due to the recent shooting of MP Jo Cox.

During his victory speech for British Independence from the EU, Nigel Farage said:  “We will have done it without a fight, without a single bullet being fired”

The media jumped on this very soon after, including a channel 4 reporter who yesterday questioned Farage on camera whilst he was walking down the street asking him:  “Do you think it was appropriate to say not a single shot was fired?”

To which Nigel Replied: “Normally to get independence you need to fight for it, we didn’t have to fight for it, but I understand what you are saying, and if caused any offence I apologize”

Nigel Farage needn’t apologize, as this was obviously not in reference to Jo Cox, and when he said not a single shot had been fired, was obviously in comparison to to any kind of civil or international war needing to take place.

We could also argue that the murder of Jo Cox had not been anything to do with The EU Referendum in the first place, but Nigel has bigger fish to fry right now, so has issued the apology to keep the wolves at bay.


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