Nigel On Tour: Farage Takes Summer Road Trip to EU States Promoting Independence

The now ex-leader of UKIP, Nigel Farage, will be travelling to other EU Member States this summer, to promote European national independence. In a video posted yesterday, he has stated that he believes the entire EU is about to collapse, with referendums sweeping the continent, to include: Nexit, Gexit & even a Sexit!

Although he quit as party leader earlier this month, he has said he will be keeping a close eye on the referendum result and will still be fulfilling certain roles, although in a non-leadership capacity. Farage has also stated that he may make a full return to politics if Brexit has not happened by 2020, with the assumption being that the referendum result and Brexit was the reason he had quit, after 17 years of being the lead campaigner in securing the referendum and its outcome.

The European tours have likely been another reason that Farage quit as party leader, as not being an MP himself, he has done as much as he possibly can in the UK in terms of leading the UK out of The Euroean Union, and maybe he will now achieve more by visiting other member states to let them know their is a whole world out there.

Nigel Farage said: “One of the joys of not continuing as party leader is having more time, so I will be travelling around Europe helping other independence movements, but I won’t be telling them how to vote.

“We should be celebrating a diverse Europe of independent nation states, and if I can do anything to help that, then I will.

“I’m going to go to Athens in September and have a big symposium about alternatives to the euro.”

Commenting on Britain not leaving the EU by 2020, he said: “If this was not to happen, I would find it irresistible to put my shoulder to the wheel again.

“By the 2020 election if we haven’t got back our territorial fishing waters, haven’t got immigration numbers down, then you ain’t seen nothing yet in terms of disruption to British politics.”


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