Nicola Sturgeon Flew to Brussels This Morning for “Emergency” Brexit Talks

Nicola Sturgeon Has flown to the heart of The EU in Brussels today for meetings to try and secure Scotland’s place in The European Union.

Stubborn Sturgeon will be meeting with EU President Jean Claude Juncker, and European Parliament President, Martin Schulz today in Brussels, in what may be a pointless last ditch attempt to gain some support in Scotland from them, after the vote for Brexit which took place on June 23rd.

Nicola tweeted on her way to Brussels at 4:15am this morning “4:15am of day 1 of the fight to protect Scotland’s place in Europe – off to Brussels”

Guy Verhofstadt: “If they decide to be independent, they decide to be independent, and if they want to stay in the European Union, they can stay in the European Union. It’s their decision.”

Glenn Campbell: “Stay in without having to join a queue to get in?”

Guy Verhofstadt: “Yeah, they are in for the moment so there is no problem on that side.”

“I think this possibility has to exist, yeah. Because if Scotland decides to leave the UK, to be an independent state, and they decide to be part of the European Union I think there is no big obstacle to do that.”

Scotland voted to remain part of the United Kingdom in a referendum in 2014, which means we are one country, and together make decisions as one. Now that we have made a decision many of the Scottish public do not favour, including the SNP, they now wish to have another referendum on whether or not Scotland remains part of The United Kingdom.

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