Politicians in The Netherlands REJECT the Idea of a Referendum for Dutch Citizens

A vote by Dutch Citizens on whether they get a referendum is looking unlikely in the near future as it was shot down in parliament this week.

The request for a ‘Nexit’ vote was put forward by Geert Wilders, who is the leader of the PVV (Party for Freedom)

Mr Wilders, stated: “I say this to everyone: the Dutch deserve a referendum as well.

“The Dutch should also be able to rule in favour or against the departure of the Netherlands from the European Union and the restoration of our national sovereignty and independence.”

Only a tiny minority of 14 of the 150 elected MP’s supported the idea, being the 12 members of the PVV and 2 other who had left the party.

Mr Mark Rutte, who is currently the Dutch Prime Minister, has continually made his stance on his idea of The Dutch getting a referendum:

“That would have major consequences for the Netherlands, our stability and the recovery of our prosperity.

“I am absolutely against it. It would not be in the Dutch interest.”

Also worth noting is the Dutch Referendum 2 months ago, in which they voted for not having closer political ties to the Ukraine, which is looking to be completely ignored by EU Bureaucrats and Dutch Politicians alike.

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