So How Much Money is Pro-EU Tony Blair Worth Again?

tony blair worth

Tony Blair has repeatedly warned that leaving the EU would trigger a breakup of the United Kingdom, and he is likely to give more talks on the approach the EU Referendum date of 23rd June 2016.  He has also brushed aside the significance of Boris Johnson backing for Brexit, saying that this vote is about more than just one individual.

When asked what role he would like to play in the run up to the referendum, Mr Blair said “I will do anything that the In campaign want me to” but unfortunately for Blair, the IN campaign it would seem, would rather distance themselves from the multi millionaire, due to his very low reputation with the British electorate, which includes that of even Labour voters.

We have to ask ourselves, is he after a cushy EU job, by showing his support?  This is a man that is currently worth an estimate £60 MILLION POUNDS.  Although back in 2014 claimed it was ‘only’ £20 Million, and that “I am in no way motivated by money”, until it was later published how many houses & apartments he and Cherie owned, and the net worth of each.

Many euro sceptics are saying, “let Blair continue with his pro-EU speeches, it can only help the out campaign further”

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