Millions Of Turks May Be Eligible to REMAIN in UK Through Loophole in June

Nigel Farage & Boris Johnson warn of a mass wave of Turkish economic migrants headed to the EU & the UK from as early as June this year.

This comes after an agreement made earlier this year between Turkey and the EU in which all 77m Turkish nationals would receive Visa Free Travel to Europe.

Nigel Farage explained that even though visa free access will apply only to the Schengen zones, which Britain is not currently included in, migrants could still easily abuse the system by applying for German residency and being granted an EU passport, even travelling on “holiday” to the EU then going missing to work illegally.

He went on to say:  “The EU is negotiating visa free access for all Turks, all 77million.

“It is also proposing visa free travel with Ukraine and the real problem is that in theory, free travel means you can come to Europe for 90 days.

“But the reality is that a lot of people will disappear or when they get to Germany claim their rights of family reunion.

“The real problem isn’t people trying to get to Britain illegally, the real problem is that in a few short years all of the people that came will have German passports, Dutch or Belgium passports.

“And as you know an EU passport means unqualified travel to the UK.”

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