Angela Merkel You’re Hands are a River of Blood | #MerkelResignNow

10 people so far have been confirmed as dead following the shooting in Munich and also the Olympia shopping centre in the north-western Moosach district.

A Driving instructor called Matthias Weber who saw the attacks said: “I thought that they were firecrackers.

“Then suddenly hundreds of people ran past us, shouting, crying and shouting ‘Run run.”

The attack has sent Twitter into meltdown, with furious calls for Angela Merkel to resign from office immediately.

A Twitter user @steveOc7 said: “Another terrorist attack in Europe. RIP to those that died in #MunichShooting

#AngelaMerkel has a lot of blood on her hands.”

‏@InfoConor added: “Only surprise about #MunichShooting is that it took this long before it happened. Still happy with last years decision Angela Merkel???”

‏@KGHohenstauffen added: “The relatives of the raped and killed should thank Angela Merkel for the destruction of Germany.”

Susan Tutt ‏said: “Has anyone found Angela Merkel?  Why is she in hiding?  Her people deserve to hear directly from her! #MunichAttack”

Chancellor Merkel’s ruling party suffered widespread losses to the anti-immigrant Alternative für Deutschland in this year’s local elections.

And as the nation gets set to go to vote in the national federal elections next year, polls are suggesting she could be ousted.

Another user @HillBuzz aka Kevin DuJan said: “What will it take for Angela Merkel to resign from office? German people need to wake up she is responsible for all of this.”

J Mäntyvaara added: “Angela Merkel must leave after this because she is dangerous for whole Europe.”

Merkel who’s mass immigration policy has also seen 1200 women, young and old, both raped and sexually assaulted in a single night, in a single city. Wide divisions are being sown within Germany, one country can not be destroyed by one single person, and be allowed to get away with it.

Lets get it trending: #MerkelResignNow

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