Marine Le Pen is to travel to LONDON for anti-EU speech

Ms. Le Pen has been a long supporter in France in her support of the Brexit cause, which she says she believes would collapse the European Union and bring in a new found freedom for the people of Europe.

She has been campaigning since even before the last European elections in 2014.  When she was what she recommended could be done to improve the EU, she stated: “By making it collapse. . I expect one thing only from the European system and that’s for it to blow up.”

In 2015 she expressed much glee in the downfall of Brussels, which was sparked by the announcement of the Brits getting the vote, by making comparison to the fall of the Berlin Wall:

“Brexit would be marvellous – extraordinary – for all European peoples who long for freedom… Objectively, it will be the beginning of the end of the European Union,” she said.

“I compare Brussels to the Berlin Wall. If Great Britain knocks down part of the wall, it’s finished, it’s over.”

The speech is likely to be aimed at the French people as well as ourselves, after recent reports that waves of the French are calling for “Frexit”.

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