Macron Admits France Will Attempt to Steal Financial Services from Britain During Brexit.

President Emmanuel Macron has made it very clear that France is attempting to steal the lucrative financial services within the City of London and lure them to Paris in the lead up to Britains withdrawal from the EU

He said: ‘Sure we want to attract maximum activity, why? Because this decision has an impact for a lot of players.

‘As a result of the EU referendum they will have to choose between the different cities, so there is a competition between the different cities.’

Rival financial centres like Paris, Frankfurt and Amsterdam are desperately trying to attract some of the City of London’s booming businesses.

It comes after Mr Macron made an audacious pitch for them to move to Paris to the world’s press in Downing Street while still a candidate last year.

In the interview aired yesterday with Andrew Marr, he also stated that the UK financial services sector cannot possibly gain full access to the single market without paying into the EU’s budget.

Theresa May has claimed that she will attempt to get Britain into some type of bespoke trade deal with the EU.

Macron has warned Theresa May however that there will be no ‘cherry picking’ of the single market and that staying in it would mean that free movement of people will remain to the UK, and also massive contributions to the EU budget will continue, without Britain being able to vote on key legislation.

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