Lib Dem Election Candidate Who Cannot Speak ENGLISH Gets Involved In Street Brawl With Group Posting Leaflets

AN election candidate for the Lib Dem’s in Bradford was taken to hospital after being injured in a street fight, after angrily confronting a group who were posting anti Lib Dem leaflets through local residents doors.

The Lib Dem’s local election candidate, Tariq Mahmood, was treated in Bradford Royal Infirmary for superficial injuries following the scuffle in bradford moor at around 1am.

Mr Mahmood was reportedly punched in the hand after angrily approaching a group who were delivering anti Lib Dem leaflets in the area

Mr Mahmood declined to communicate with any press, stating that with his understanding of English, it is not possible.

But another candidate, Riaz Ahmed also of the Lib Dems, stated that Mr Mahmood as well as another third candidate had decided to go over and investigate reports of a small grouping of men who were putting anti-Lib Dem leaflets through doors.

He explained they discovered five men, one of whom was apparently wearing a mask, and challenged them in regards to the leaflets that were being posted.

He said stated Mahmood was punched in his eye, and when another of these punches were thrown it landed on his fingers, that ended up bruised.

He said that it had been the third or forth election in recent years where there was trouble that had escalated in the neighbourhood.

Riaz Ahmed said he hoped police officers had taken this incident seriously and he explained that he does not want it happening again.

However, outgoing Independent Councillor for Bradford Moor, Faisal Khan, said an alternative version of events was being reported in the region, regarding what sort of disturbance unfolded, which were not elaborated on by himself.

A police spokesman said: “We were telephone with a report of a disturbance at 12.55am, though the incident had fully passed when officers attended the scene”.

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