EU Spend a Staggering £240 MILLION on Latest “Eyesore” Headquarters in Brussels

Hundreds of millions of pounds have been spent on the newest EU headquarters in Brussels, part paid for by YOU!

The building has been widely mocked by MEP’s who will be seated within the building by next year.  David Cameron also unsuccessfully attempted to block it being built, agreeing on the nickname it had been given as an “egg in a cage”.  It is of no surprise that David Cameron however was not listened to, after recently coming back empty handed from his renegotiation with other EU leaders in Brussels.

egg in a cage

The Work was meant to be finished two years ago, but has been continually delayed and gone way over budget with the estimation of cost at around 313 million euros (or £240 million pounds).

The official EU website boasts about how ‘eco-friendly’ the new building is. The windows have patchwork that make up the exterior and are all recycled and originate from buildings that have been demolished, prompting questions how it can possibly cost so much.

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The Architect Philippe Samyn claimed the idea behind his design was to create a ‘feminine’ headquarters which represented EU Diversity!

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