Junker Says “British Deserters Will Not Be Welcomed Back With Open Arms After Brexit”

Jean Claude Junker has recently said in a popular viral video that “Britain does not need the EU”, but his advisers must have caught wind that could do a bit of damage to the REMAIN campaign, so now he is claiming that the UK/EU relationship will end badly if Brexit were to happen.

He said:  “deserters will not be welcomed back with open arms,”

This was during an interview yesterday with a French magazine called LE Monde, he also claimed that “Britain would have to get used to be an outsider”, but what he fails to realize, is that many Brits feel like outsiders already, and that is just within our own borders, never mind the federal European Union Block.

Finally he stated:  “Life for Brits in the European community will never be the same as before”.   In that comment, we hope he is correct!

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