In Response to Latest Terror Attacks, Junker Says “Free Movement Will Never be Broken”

Juncker has vowed to protect free movement  of people in Europe, disregarding the recent terror attacks.

President of the European Union Jean-Claude Junker is vowing to fully protect the free movement of people within the European Union. He has described free movement as “Inviolable” and “not a luxury”

Asked on French TV if the concept was something Europe could “no longer permit”, the 61-year-old said: “It’s not a luxury.

“It’s one of the four fundamental freedoms of the treaty of Rome.

“It’s an inviolable principle.”

Instead the Luxembourger said he “expected a better response from member states regarding the exchange of information between police and intelligence services”.

Junker’s comments come just hours after a Syrian man blew himself up in a terror related incident in Germany.

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