Junker Prepares to Wade Into BREXIT Debate as Polls Show UK Are Set to Leave EU

Jean Claude Junker, a man who has previously claimed “When things become serious, you have to lie” will highly likely become involved in the Brexit debate, a few days before the British Public cast the vote on whether to remain in or leave The EU.

According to a German news magazine called ‘Der Spiegel’ Junker will become involved as early as this week, and that Cameron had previously made a deal with The EU President, that if Brexit were leading in the polls 2 weeks prior to the referendum, that only then would he be able to intervene.

Jean Claude Junker obviously doesn’t want his EU legacy to be losing the UK from the Union, so expect an astronomical amount of threats, fear mongering and panic from the IN Campaign over the next week or so in a last ditch attempt to get us to vote remain, but hey, it’s not like we are not used to intimidation tactics by now.

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