Anger as Judge says Lee Rigby Killer Should Be Given £25,000 Legal Aid

ONE of the Lee Rigby murderers should be getting legal aid for a compensation claim, a court judge claimed yesterday.

Mr Justice Langstaff said  it would be “a great pity” if the “charismatic” Michael Adebolajo did not get legal aid tax payers funding to make a compensation claim against the Prison he is currently held.

‘Adebolajo’ is wanting to sue the prison, after losing 2 front teeth during an incident in which he had to be restrained by prison guards.

Judge Langstaff told a pre-trial hearing at London’s High Court:

“It will be a great pity to justice, and in particular the presentation of the claimant’s case, if some means were not found to ensure he had professional help. “If that could be done by public funds, all the better.”

The judge said: “He is charismatic.

“There is intelligence suggesting that he has had some influence on the conversion to Islam of some individuals.”

Mr Justice Langstaff added: “There is a large group of people who look up to Adebolajo.”

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