Breaking News: Pro-EU MP’s Plan on Ignoring EU Referendum Result if it is for BREXIT!

Mp’s in the Houses of Commons may use their majority to keep Britain inside the ‘Single Market’ even if we vote for Brexit, and they could just have the power to do so.

Anyone who chooses to remain in the single market of Europe, but is not an EU member, then has to follow all the same rules of trade regulations, and unlimited free movement of people.

The majority in the House of Commons is 454 pro-EU MP’s to 147 Eurosceptics.

A leading spokesperson for the Leave campaign has stated that the 454 MP’s will likely “defy the will of the voters” on many key issue’s, mainly the free movement of goods, people, services and capital.

Vote Leave have unfortunately stated that it would be legally legitimate for MP’s to try and keep us in the ‘Single Market’ against the will of the people, and one minister has said “This isn’t a fantasy, it is most likely a huge probability”

“The longer we move away from the referendum, the more the economic pressures will grow to keep some links with the single market.”

Another said: “We would accept the mandate of the people to leave the EU.

“But everything after that is negotiable and Parliament would have its say. The terms on which we leave are entirely within my remit as a parliamentarian and that is something for me to take a view on.”

Labour frontbenchers are also discussing the option.The disadvantage of this will mean we are not EU members, but we will still make contributions to the EU budget, and also accept the free movement of people, and have no ability to influence any EU rules.

This completely spits in the face of democracy!  If 454 MP’s are able to over-rule the voice of millions of people, by making us remain members of the ‘Single Market’, then not much will change in terms of laws we follow created by the EU, or the amount of migrants we see flood into the UK every single year.


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