Happy St Georges Day! Read an Important Message From Nigel Farage…

Nigel Farage has recently stated that leaving the European Union “would make the country rich enough to afford an extra day off”

We already celebrate Welsh, Irish & Scottish Pride, but “The English have been left behind a bit with all of this and almost been made to feel ashamed of being English and we shouldn’t be”.

Today he has renewed UKIP’s call for England to celebrate its being English with an extra day off, in common with other parts of the United Kingdom.

Farage went on to say,” The whole point of our United Kingdom is that all four parts of it need to celebrate who they are themselves and together.”

He added: “It’s about time that England was recognised on the calendar. “Like Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as a country we have much to be proud of, and much that others admire. Isn’t it time that the English were recognised for their own day of celebration?”

“Guerrilla Brexit would suggest that if we do ever manage to get an extra bank holiday for St Georges Day, that if you are anti-English, you go in to work that day!

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