German & Dutch Forces Begin the Start of ‘The EU Army’

There is an upcoming plan for the two countries Germany & Netherlands to create an EU joint armed forces to fulfill the long term goal spelt out by German defense minister last year of “having a complete EU army.”

Ukip defence spokesman Mike Hookem asked the Commission what role it has played in talks to bring the new German/Dutch force together as a combined EU military.

He stated that “The developments are part of the centralization of stealth going on in the EU, in which Britain will be dragged into if it votes to remain in the European Union”

He warned that “The move is aiming at beginning a merger without going through the council of ministers and any other EU bodies, and then creating an EU military by stealth tactics by adding other countries alongside”

it has also emerged recently that the Czech Republic has started talks to have its army become part of the Germany’s army.

Last month the Dutch 43rd Mechanised Brigade came under German command as part of its German 1st Armoured Division.

This acceleration of a merger between the German and Dutch military is following talks last year when the German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leye stated that the long term aim is to create an EU army.

In 2014, UKIP Leader Niger Farage, was branded a lunatic by other politicians and the public alike for even suggesting “such a conspiracy”.

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