Farage Posts EU Leaflet Back Directly Through Cameron’s Door

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage pulled a funny stunt earlier today, when he posted back Cameron’s pro-EU leaflet, straight back through No.10!  He then later spoke to the media where he stated he would love a head to head debate with Cameron “anytime, any place or anywhere”

The UKIP Leader has been asking the British public to do the same by returning the leaflet to downing street, but more obviously through the means of Royal Mail and not his method.

He slammed the leaflets idea as a massive waste of money, which cost the UK taxpayer £9m to produce and send.  He said on LBC prior to the stunt at 11am this morning: “David Cameron decided to spend nearly 10 million quid’s worth of our money sending leaflets through our door telling us what we should think and how we should vote.

“I was so appalled to get this leaflet and to see that it was sent everywhere. I was appalled they did it, I was even more appalled by the content.

“They actually have the cheek to tell us, if Britain votes to remain in the European Union we will maintain control of our borders. Where do these guys get off?”

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