Exclusive: June 23rd EU Referendum Polling Cards Are Being Delivered With Pro-EU Leaflets Attached!

Breaking Exclusive!:

Councils are attaching pro-EU leaflets by the “Britain Strong In” campaign, to polling cards for the June 23rd Referendum, in a clear display of bias & propaganda!

Council’s across the country are attaching pro-EU scaremongering leaflets produced by the “Britain Stronger In” Campaign, to the June 23rd Polling Cards.  A majority of all council’s in the country back REMAIN, with only a handful of council’s backing BREXIT, which include Portsmouth City Council, Bromley Council and Havering Council.

The leaflet below is backed up by “experts” which include Sir Richard Branson, who has previously moved huge sections of his Virgin empire, from Britain over to a non-EU country in Europe, Switzerland.

pro eu 2

pro eu 1

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