3 Ex-Cabinet Ministers Caught in BREXIT Scandal Selling British Financial Info to Chinese

3 Ex-Cabinet Ministers have been caught red handed on video attempting to sell sensitive financial information to the Chinese, in how to bleed as much money out of Britain during our exit from the EU.

The Ex Ministers tried to earn thousands of pounds, plus an all expenses paid trip to Hong Kong. They secretly attended an office in Mayfair, and were under hidden surveillance telling Chinese tycoons how they could best benefit from certain loopholes.

Those who were targeted were ex-Health Secretary Andrew Lansley, former Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell, and ex-Trade Secretary Peter Lilley. All three last night had denied any wrongdoing. When caught, they stated. “We thought it might be a sting from the beginning”.

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Mr Mitchell claimed he was ‘totally innocent’ and had been the victim of ‘attempted entrapment’.

He revealed he launched his own investigation after suspecting the approach was bogus, fearing Parliament was being targeted by Chinese or Russian agents.

Mr Mitchell said he was aided by the ‘British authorities’, but refused to confirm or deny whether he was referring to MI5.

The latest Westminster sleaze claims follow a three-month investigation by Channel 4’s Dispatches programme.

The exposure is set to show how numerous former cabinet ministers, are now making money from private foreign companies as “Brexit Advisers” at the ultimate cost to UK Taxpayers.

The question is not so much about whether advisers to institutions and companies in relation to the Brexit economy should actually exist if freelance, but whether it is ethical that Ex-Ministers should legally be allowed to advise, due to sensitive financial information they had access to in a previous British Governmental role, that could greatly harm the UK Economy.

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